Make the Most of Everyday Moments

Todlr turns everyday moments into priceless learning experiences, helping you guide your child in the world of money.

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Seize the Day, 

One Moment at a Time

Your family is unique, and within our uniqueness and daily routines are opportunities to teach your children about money. Effortless, practical and designed for busy parents - that's the power of everyday moments. Give your child the gift of financial savvy that lasts a lifetime.

At the Dinner Table

Let's talk about budgeting over dinner. Discuss meal costs, smart grocery choices, and the value of homemade food - all while enjoying a meal together!

At the Grocery Store

Your next grocery shopping can be a fun economics lesson. Teach them about price comparisons, wise choices, and budgeting in the real world."

Shopping For School

School shopping is a practical lesson in needs versus wants. Together, we can learn to prioritize, budget, and make smart shopping decisions.

Spot the Opportunity

Todlr helps you
identify everyday teachable moments to enlighten your child 
about money.

Spot the Opportunity

Schedule these lessons as ‘missions’ for your child, transforming learning into an exciting adventure.

Spot the Opportunity

With our step-by-step guides, you’re ready to engage your child in meaningful, bonding conversations about money.

Spot the Opportunity

Post-moment reviews ensure your child has grasped the key concepts, reinforcing the day's learning.