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Teach your kids essential money skills through fun, interactive lessons and activities – setting them up for a lifetime of financial confidence.

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Tailored Learning for
Every Child

Todlr's personalised learning paths adapt to your child's unique needs and pace, covering crucial money skills like saving, budgeting, and giving back.

Needs vs Wants
Setting money goals
Saving & Budgeting
Responsible Credit
Giving back
Earning & Income

Tailored Learning for
Every Child

Todlr's personalised learning paths adapt to your child's unique needs and pace, covering crucial money skills like saving, budgeting, and giving back.

Needs vs Wants
Setting money goals
Saving, Budgeting and Investing
Responsible Credit
Giving back
Income and Entrepreneurship

Make Learning About
Money Fun!

Through adventurous stories, games, and videos, Todlr sparks your child's curiosity and makes learning about money a joy.

Bring Money Lessons
To Life

Todlr encourages hands-on experiences, like grocery shopping or setting up a lemonade stand, so your child can practice and apply their newfound skills.

Priceless Memories with your child

Todlr's lessons and activities provide an opportunity for parents and children to bond, learn, and create lasting memories together.

Money Lessons that Schools Don't Teach

Provide your child with the crucial financial knowledge not taught in traditional classrooms. Let's help you set them up for a secure and prosperous future.

A Lifetime of Financial Well-being

Children who learn about money early on are twice as likely to be debt-free as adults, leading to a happier, more secure life.
Source: T. Rowe Price Foundation

Partnered with Expert Financial Educators

We collaborate to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for the whole family.

Collaborating with Todlr has been a remarkable journey. As a Family Financial Literacy Educator, I've witnessed the significance of teaching children about money from a young age. Todlr's dedication to making financial education engaging and accessible for kids is genuinely praiseworthy. I'm delighted to contribute my knowledge to this fantastic platform.

Crystina Cardozo, Family Financial Literacy Educator

I'm thrilled to collaborate with Todlr on their financial education content. It's truly rewarding to be part of a platform that emphasizes financial literacy for children through enjoyable activities. I take pride in being a member of the Todlr team, shaping the future generation of financially adept individuals.

Dipo Adesina, Author & Finance Professional

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I recently started using Todlr, and I couldn’t be more impressed with its functionality and user-friendly interface. Todlr has made a significant impact on my kids. The team have put a great deal of thought and effort into creating a top-notch app that caters to its users’ needs. I highly recommend Todlr to anyone looking to teach their kids about money.


My husband and I grew up with limited financial knowledge. Money wasn’t something we learned about or even talked about. Once, I started homeschooling my son, I knew it was important for us to introduce healthy money habits to our kids early on to help them understand budgeting (math),  gratification and positive money mindsets. Todlr has been a great way for our family to learn about money all together in an age appropriate way for our little ones.


There is nothing better than having a platform that teaches your kids financial literacy. My kids love the Todlr app and enjoy learning the basic concepts of money they don’t learn on school. I wish all parents will make this available for their child, it will completely shape their future when it comes to how they relate with money and help them to become more financially secure.


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What age group is Todlr designed for, and is it suitable for children with no prior knowledge of money concepts?

Todlr is designed to support children of all ages, with the optimal learning experience for those aged 5-12. We're continually working to improve the learning experience across other age groups. Todlr is absolutely suitable for children with no prior knowledge of money management. We start with the basics and guide your child through more complex topics in a fun, practical way they can easily understand and enjoy.

How often should my child use Todlr for the best results?

We recommend at least one Todlr lesson per week. Each lesson can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

Is Todlr safe for my child?

Yes, Todlr is completely safe and ad-free. We prioritize your child's safety and learning experience, ensuring they can focus on acquiring essential money skills without distractions or concerns.

Can multiple children use the same Todlr account?

One account allows you to create multiple profiles for all your children. Each child learns within their profile, and Todlr personalizes their experience accordingly.

How do I track my child's progress on Todlr?

You can monitor your child's learning progress from your parent profile. Todlr also sends you a regular email and push notification updates as your child engages with the lessons.