Give your child a life of financial security

Invest in their future. Teach them about money early. Join the families that love Todlr.

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Fund your little one’s big goals

Easily invest with your loved ones towards all of your child’s financial goals — so they can live the lives they want. Start building your child’s wealth with as little as $1.

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Unleash Your Child's Financial Future

Discover our app that teaches essential money skills through fun, personalized lessons, and real-life activities.

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Invest, Learn, Bond, and Grow.

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A future without money worries


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Adults live paycheck to paycheck and worry about money

Your kids won't


in 5

Parents wish they had learned more about money as a kid.

Let's fix that for your kids



Is how much parents aim to save for their child's college, on average

We'll help you hit your child’s goals


a month

In 18 years could be worth more than $84k.

Take advantage of time. Start today.


Of parents want help teaching their kids about investing.

We’ve got your family covered.

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