Little investments, a lifetime of joy

Investing with Todlr is about as easy as it gets. We help you fund your little one’s big goals.


How Todlr Works


Create an account

Download the Todlr app and set up your profile easily. You can start investing in your child’s future with a couple of taps.


Create a goal

Choose from our variety of goals or create a custom one. We’ll curate a unique portfolio to fit your child’s goals, time horizon, and risk appetite.


Invest effortelessly

Connect a funding source. Tell us how much you want to contribute and how frequently. We’ll automate it.


Prepare for every moment

Debt-free college. Exploring the world. A safety net. We'll help you get financially ready for every goal in your child's life. Simply set up a recurring deposit and put your money on autopilot.

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Invest in the best

Set your child up for long-term wealth with an expertly designed portfolio. You don’t need any investment experience to use Todlr. Tell us your goals and risk tolerance, and let us handle the hard stuff.

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Do it together, go further

Grandpa. Aunty Jane. Even Monica from HR. Todlr lets you collectively invest in your little one's journey. Easily invite anyone to co-invest in goals. Or swap the toys and cash gifts for meaningful assets.


Start early with Todlr

All you need is a few minutes and $1 to start building your child’s portfolio. Investing brick by brick is the key to building wealth. Todlr helps you set-it-and-let-it compound.

Little and consistent drops make an Ocean.

Slide the coin to see what your todlr’s portfolio could be worth in the future

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*Calculated with a hypothetical annual investment return of 7%.